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The project

A new Bi Ben Dum project has born through the collaboration of Spazio Rossana Orlandi

The chef Marta Pulini has brought her cuisine all around the world- from New York to the Olympic Games of London. She is now landing with her food and wine concept in Milan, nearby the Spazio Rossana Orlandi, well-known as the heart of researching design. As Marta once said: "my cuisine is where my home is", and that is the same for italian culture whom implant its archetype of taste. That's Marta's idea of cuisine in order to show always new expressions of her archetype, bringing within the charm of a food ready to become emotion, to become memory.

It is no-case that Bi ben dum is landing in via Bandello, into the spaces designed by the architect Paola Navone: Rossana's adventure is also related to the archetype of taste and experimentation, between home and research.

"I’ve always loved researching the purest and most natural ingredients even when it wasn’t a general vogue."Marta

Marta and Rossana: archetype of house and food.
Here food means home!

“Know-how, Passion, Joy."

The simplest ingredients remaining intact, peculiar, understandible are the real signature of Marta's dishes. Technè is the condition that permits to every single ingredient to express itself, without taking advantages on others, and causing the fact that every single dish is much more than the sum of ingredients. All this remains under a curtain, untouchable but still present, in order to leave room to emotion, to Passion. Only in the bond between these- Marta's archetype of taste and experimentation- it is possible to really enjoy food... and there it is Joy!

It is the same with good design: you see it, you love it; only then you will understand the know-how of manufacturers. The bond between Marta and Rossana is logic, because an experience refers to the other.

The three primary colours refer to this too: the red reminds of Passion, the blue of Technè, and together they bound in a yellow Joy!


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Spazio Rossana Orlandi
Via Bandello, 14 - 20123 Milano - Italy

"I find always very hard to talk about my cuisine. To me, it is like talking about myself. I consider it a part of me, something that comes natural to me and comes alive and display itself as physical emotion."Marta

Società a responsabilità limitata - inizio attività: 22/4/2015
Presidente: Marta Pulini - codice fiscale/P.I: 03632720367 - rea: 404495
Sede: via Vellani Marchi 20, Modena MO - 41124 / Sede operativa: via Taglio 61, Modena MO - 41121
Capitale Sociale: 200000 euro - PEC: