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Chef & Staff.

The young and welcoming Staff is sustained by the style and the know- of Bibendum,
with the certainty and the experience of Marta Pulini.

Marta Pulini

She has come to professional cooking a bit late, but this has not prevent her to develop her skills in the best international schools and institutions( “le Cordon Bleu” in Paris and the “ Peter Kumpf” in New York). She worked in New York for more than 20 years, becoming a benchmark for the Italian cuisine in the U.S. and worldwide. She experienced many restaurants, vying herself with different cultures, ingredients and people. Through her natural curiosity, that stimulating framework could only make her develop and enrich her culture. In 1999, she has received the award for best “feminine chef” in the year from the American Veronelli Guide. In 2000, she came back from the United States and developed new concept catering with Sabrina Lazzereschi: Bibendum, approaching Marta’s concept of food and wine to the people. The cure for staging and the mise en place is a fundamental in order to make every event unique and perfect. In November 2012 she has opened the restaurant Franceschetta58, with the Chef Massimo Bottura, in Modena. Franceschetta58 has a friendly style, and a fresh and young soul, with Bibendum’s cure for detail.

From there to via Bandello, it is not a long way indeed. The innovative restaurant nearby the Spazio Rossana Orlandi has the greatest aesthetic mood, with a perfect choice of food. The new restaurant, simply called “Marta”, is a fact.

marta pulini staff

Sabrina Lazzereschi

She is graduated in pedagogy and is a versatile planner.
Whether Marta is the responsible for the raw materials and ingredients, Sabrina is main focus for setting, refinement, elegance and creativity of the events.
Each one has thought and created to perfectly fit all client’s needs, thanks to the great experience of Sabrina and her empathetic aptitude. She created Bibendum with Marta, and she is the responsible for the commercial and creative part.

sabrina lazzereschi staff
Chef & Staff Chef & Staff Chef & Staff

Mattia Ferrari

Mattia Ferrari

Claudia Scarfone

Claudia Scarfone

Marta's Chefs, a tested and experienced couple.


The essence of Marta,
responsible of the service.

regis rossi staff
Chef & Staff Chef & Staff