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“Here food means home!”.
Marta is open, the new Bibendum's restaurant with Rossana Orlandi - Via Matteo Bandello, 14 Milano

Marta and Sabrina land in the new restaurant cured by Paola Navone, into the dedicated room by Rossana Orlandi, an international reference point for design and research.

They will bring the know-how, the passion, and the joy typical of the homemade food, the archetype of the italian taste.

"I’ve always loved researching the purest and most natural ingredients even when it wasn’t a general vogue."Marta


We Italians discover the greatest pleasure in homemade food, and in its proper special place: home kitchen.

This warm sensation is buildt with semplicity, respect and freshness: there it is Marta Pulini's cuisine, chef of international success.

Marta has developed during her entire life a deep sense of know how, starting with the simplest ingredients whom they remain recognisible and intact. Only then, those ingredients can change our taste and become more than the normal sum of every part. They will become Passion.

Restaurant Restaurant Restaurant
Restaurant Restaurant

cuisine & design.

In each one of Marta's dishes, the know how is present,
but it remains covered and hidden, in order to leave space to emotion.

The three prime colours- red, blue and yellow- aim to underline Marta's presence in via Bandello, world lighthouse of design.

The prime colours represent the simple ingredients used by Marta in order to always create new dishes. The three colours represent also the blue Know-how, the red Passion and yellow Joy.

The same experience is represented in the name, where the Bi of Know-how united with the Dum of emotion shall explode in Ben, the real food celebration.
Cuisine is not onsight, the joy of food is onsight, a food designed to become memory.

It is the same with haute design: you see, you love it; only then, researching, you will discover the knowledge of the designers. Therefore, Marta and Rossana are naturally bounded, their experience are similar and related.

Restaurant Restaurant

Our partners that join us in our journey: